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Clinical evaluation of adhesively placed CEREC endo-crowns after 2 years – preliminary results
by Bindl A, Mörmann WH; J Adhes Dent. 1999; 1(3): 255 - 265.

Non-vital endodontically treated posterior teeth with complete loss of coronal hard tissues were prepared with a circular equigingival butt margin and central retention cavity of the entire pulp chamber ("endo-preparation�?). Computer generated ceramic corono-radicular restorations (CEREC endocrowns) were bonded to these preparations. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the survival rate and the clinical quality of CAD/CIM endo-crowns after 2 years.

19 CEREC endo-crowns (4 premolars and 15 molars) in 13 patients were examined using modified USPHS criteria at baseline and after an average time of 26 months. The ratings of the two examinations were compared. RESULTS: The service time of the 19 endo-crowns was 14 to 35.5 (mean +/- SD: 26 +/- 6) months. One molar endo-crown failed after 28 months because of recurrent caries.

The overall clinical quality of the CEREC endo-crowns was very good, and so far, the clinical concept appears feasible.