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For dentists, when good is simply not good enough.

Full ceramic restorations directly chairside, detailed computer design and an uncomplicated digital optical impression instead of the conventional impression tray. CEREC has definitely changed the dental practice for the better. This is the opinion of an important group of people: patients. 98% of all patients evaluate the treatment results with “very good” or “good”. They particularly appreciate the natural aesthetic appearance and that it preserves tooth substance.

After 5 years, 95% - 97% of CEREC crowns were still intact. The survival rate of inlays and onlays was 90% - 95% after 10 years - a better success rate than the gold standard!  Couple these amazing statistics with the following benefits and you see why Cerec Connect is becoming so popular.

  • Metal free process
  • Highly aesthetic
  • Long lasting