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Feldspathic Veneers

Feldspathic veneers have a long history of use and success. Gutierrez Dental Lab uses only the best porcelains when creating veneers.  The Colorlogic veneer porcelain system  from Ceramco was developed to provide the high chroma, exacting shades and controlled translucency levels demanded by today's cosmetic dentistry.

Ceramic artists use these porcelains in a layering technique and then fire the porcelain to achieve density and natural fluorescence, translucency and reflectance. With adequate tooth preparation, these are some of the most flexible materials at fooling the eye into thinking they are natural teeth. Internal colorations and crazing can be achieved by a skilled ceramist. These veneers are a great choice when matching other full ceramic restorations or for single tooth restorations, particularly when there is considerable characterization in adjacent teeth.


  • Used to straighten, lengthen, whiten or repair natural teeth
  • Can achieve very natural translucency and fluorescence.
  • May be characterized easily
  • The most color stable veneer
  • May be re-contoured and polished in the mouth
  • Harder than natural teeth
  • Easier to mask discolored teeth