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Home Survivability
Retrospective assessment of 546 all-ceramic anterior and posterior crowns in a general practice
by Segal BS;The Pankey Institute, Key Biscayne, Florida, USA.

This study examined the long-term survivability of alumina core, all-ceramic crowns in both anterior and posterior locations. Following a consistent protocol over 6 years, 546 all-ceramic, In-Ceram crowns (32.4% anterior [n = 177] and 67.6% posterior [n = 369]) were consecutively luted with glass ionomer resin hybrid cement and periodically observed by the same dentist who prepared and cemented them. The overall success rate was 99.1% (n = 541) with a 0.9% (n = 5) failure rate. The success-to-failure ratio for anterior all-ceramic crowns was 98.9% to 1.1% (n = 175:2); the posterior crown ratio was 99.2% to 0.8% (n = 366:3). Following a consistent protocol of careful tooth preparation and crown cementation resulted in high success rates for anterior and posterior all-ceramic crowns. All-ceramic alumina core crowns are durable and provide optimum esthetic choices for anterior and posterior locations.

"(over 6 years)... The overall success rate was 99.1%�